Dlo Diri: The Benefits of Rice Water

You may have seen this once or twice where mom or grandma is cooking diri blan and suddenly takes the rice water that she had set aside and gulps it.  If you’ve never seen that before, it’s definitely one that might have you wondering “what are you doing?”.  As it turns out there are several […]

4 Reasons to Indulge in Chokola

The essential ingredient of delicious chocolates is actually cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is produced from beans (actually seeds) from inside the cacao plant’s fresh fruit. In Haiti, cacao has grown in many geographical regions including Petite-Riviere-de-l’Artibonite, Grand’Anse, Camp Perrin, Belle Anse, and Tiburon. Darker chocolate contains the greatest amount of cocoa powder, which happens to […]

Why You Should Drink Lemon Water

Lemons water is sure to boost your immune system, improve your digestive systems, and cleanse your skin from the inside out. Enjoy a refreshing glass or two of lemon water everyday. Just the thought of a lemon’s sourness might actually have your lips puckering right now. Well, the good news is you don’t have to […]