4 Reasons to Indulge in Chokola

Updated February 23, 2019, 11:33 a.m.

The essential ingredient of delicious chocolates is actually cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is produced from beans (actually seeds) from inside the cacao plant’s fresh fruit. In Haiti, cacao has grown in many geographical regions including Petite-Riviere-de-l’Artibonite, Grand’Anse, Camp Perrin, Belle Anse, and Tiburon.

Darker chocolate contains the greatest amount of cocoa powder, which happens to have numerous potential health benefits. Enjoyed in modest portions, this indulgence can offer beneficial effects to a person’s mood, immune system, and cardiovascular systems.

Antioxidant Dense. Part of the explanation for cacao’s wholesome punch is flavonoids. Flavonoids are a type of antioxidant that is present in veggies, red wine (such as merlot), and plants. Antioxidants guard the body’s cells against free radicals that can easily cause harm to cells. Ultimately, this can lead to a vulnerable immune system and increased chance of becoming ill. Cacao is actually beneficial for your immune system.

Fiber Rich. Dietary fiber delivers many remarkable benefits like improved digestion, cutting down cholesterol, maintaining blood sugar levels, and supporting weight loss. The typical man or woman requires somewhere between 25 to 35 grams of dietary fiber each and every day. You can get 7 grams of fiber with only about 40 to 50 calories in about a 1/4 cup of naturally dark cocoa powder. Being a healthy choice and food, it can be added in a variety of desserts in order to reduce sugar. Many people include it in cupcakes, shakes, and hot chocolate drinks. That’s quite a bonus to be able to indulge in healthier desserts that provide you with much needed fiber.

Great Potassium. A couple of tablespoons of dark powdered cocoa deliver roughly 160 milligrams of potassium. Potassium has critical functions in your body forming protein, metabolism, and much more. Enjoying a hot cup of Haitian chokola or even enjoying modest bits of dark chocolate is one way of providing your body potassium.

Few Calories. If you decide to go on a diet and try to watch both the quantity and quality of calories, making use of dark powdered cocoa will help alleviate your sweet cravings without ruining your weight loss goals. Dark powdered cocoa is quite rich as well as a little bitter, yet when included in low-calorie desserts, it can certainly be enough to quiet anyone’s taste buds. It’s not often do we get the opportunity to indulge ourselves with something that taste so good, makes us feel so good, and also does the body good.

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